Services at a Glance

Our Services of the volumes of quality that our team is committed to deliver, within the stipulated timeline. We assure our best efforts to meet the demands of every project. This enthusiasm, teamwork and a strong determination of Arriance Infra has made a remarkable presence int hte competitive market.
Sustainability makes sense environmentally, socially and in our business. By ‘doing the right thing’ we can help protect and nurture the valuable resources on which we all depend, making our business more efficient and effective, whilst also recognising the opportunity to meet the growing demand for sustainable products and services.Our presence in this domain helps us to effectively understand that resource optimization is one of the most significant aspects of any business; therefore harnessing renewable energy is one of the best possible ways to ensure responsible usage of resources. The Group has put immense focus on capacity addition in renewable energy through a diversified portfolio of power projects in various locations across India.

We are equipped to provide following services to our various clients.:

Wind Land Survey

Due to the typical nature of wind projects, wherein one WTG has to maintain optimal distance from the other, such projects are spread over a large tract of land so as to harness the wind potential of that area efficiently.

Land Purchasing

Based on the results of Wind Land Survey, typical areas of interest are analyzed including wind potential, availability of evacuation infrastructure, nature of land availability, accessibility is conducted and lands are identified and then purchased.

External/Internal Road Development

Under continued advise from the Wind Resource Team, after purchasing the wind land ,its pathway, setting up substations etc. are developed to provide turnkey solutions direct to the Project site.

Civil Foundation Activities

We offer high-quality and reliable civil & foundation works by using power tools.Usage of modern equipment with support vehicles and ancillary equipment under experienced personnel, for most phases of civil construction.

ROW Clearances

The right of way acquisition phase of a project includes the clearance of the acquired right of way. This not only infers the vacation of structures, but also the removal of all improvements and any hazardous wastes, that are in the way of constructing the project.

Electric Line Construction

Arriance 33 KV Electric’s power line, or Transmission & Distribution (T&D) construction division provides a full-range of capabilities related to transmission, distribution and substation construction.